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52 Frames - a weekly photography challenge

So I've found a new creative challenge! I'm going to try adding the weekly photos I create to this one post so the blog doesn't get all cluttered and confusing!

Here's a link to the website that organises it: 52 Frames
Here's their official facebook page: 52 Frames FB page
And here's a link to the discussions around the challenge: 52 Frames photographers

Each week there is a challenge theme - sometimes a subject, sometimes a technique, and an 'extra credit' theme.
Photos must be taken within a strict 7 day time frame and after a few days, 52 photos are selected to showcase, including the one with most likes.
As a community there is a strong ethos of encouragement and critique, it is a great opportunity for me - and everyone in it - to improve technically and support others.

My most recent photos will be added at the top of the post
Week 39 - Food
Extra challenge: advertisement without words

Week 38 - Blue Hour Poor weather and not much time this week - I&#…

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